Baby I'm Against It

by Pennyroyal

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"Few bands survive “second album syndrome” as successfully as Pennyroyal has. Baby I’m Against It is as near a perfect album as we’re going to get this year, folks. The second side may stumble from the smooth pacing of the first, but we admit we can’t find another way to sequence the album’s twelve indispensable tracks. Some songs are rounded out by lyrical repetition.. but maybe brevity is best. Even “Record Machine,” in all its awesomeness, leaves us wanting just a little more. These are all little things, the sort of flaws that make an album its own special world you can get lost in for a half hour. This is undeniably the best new album a band has brought into the shop this year."
- Hymie's Vintage Records, November 2013

Produced and engineered by Ed Ackerson (BNLX, Polara, and more) at the legendary Flowers Studio in Uptown Minneapolis, this is our second full-length album, full of gleaming brand-new songs with a few old gems sprinkled throughout.


released November 19, 2013



all rights reserved


Pennyroyal Minneapolis, Minnesota

"..A highly evolved, adaptive beast of music, Pennyroyal puts a glam spin on the rock ‘n’ blues sound other bands are circling in on today.. An almost terrifying genius powering lead singer Angie Oase’s at once ethereal and guttural vocals, leading the charge onto the gates of musical heaven." -LB ... more

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Track Name: M List
Hey, where have you been?
I spent last night all alone
if you want me, call
I’ll be waiting by the phone
but I don’t know if you’re home
I don’t know if you’re home

I’ll bend you ‘til we fit
you’re such a hypocrite on show
your bones and burns and cuts—
I’ll just stick to what I know
Track Name: Crossing Bridges
Crossing bridges you haven’t come to
it’s boring without you here
here I’m looking myself in the mirror
stand in front of me
and I’m not quite sure
if you see what i see

Rolling down that road
and I’m not quite sure If I left your door
an actor could not have worn that face
any longer

It’s in your ways
it’s in your gaze
it’s you, the problem I need

Crossing bridges you haven’t come to
it’s boring without you here
here I’m looking myself in the mirror
now I’m looking real hard for me
you’re not what I see
not what I see in me
Track Name: Go Quiet
Go quiet, go slow
nobody asks you anymore
keep your hat on, close the door
nobody asks you anymore

I spent so many nights
staring at that door, feeling like the floor
it took you just one time to break my heart
to leave me in the dark
you left me in the dark

When I see you
I’ll see you when I’m gone
Track Name: Record Machine
I’m sitting here thinking through my dreams as the record machine screams at me
These bills are falling from my notebook stand to the floor where I stand and scream
I’m happy where I stand but I can’t stand your jealousy I only have what I found for me what I was lucky enough to grab
These bills they don’t own me I only need these dreams
Track Name: Did You Really Mean It
Did you really mean it
that everything would be just fine
did you really mean it
that it’d be just fine this time

Did you really mean it
everything would be just fine
that you see stars every time I smile

Did you really mean it
when you look into your heart

My heart is heavy
knows what it can carry, but you—
I don’t think you mean it this time
I’m done with you

If you don’t mean it
then i don’t mean it
Track Name: Last I Had
I just put a thousand miles
on your car ‘cause you’re not there
screamed your name into the air
she don’t mind, she don’t care
screamed your name into the air

Stopped for gas, I hit the town
a tourist in a roughneck bar
man, you don’t know where you are
I broke my nose, took your car
man, you don’t know

The last I had of you is gone
the last I had of you is gone

When I got out west I hit the shore
the road trip took two weeks or more
she don’t love me like before
I landed in an ocean town
you weren’t there so I asked around
No you don’t love me
she don’t love me

my heart pumps dust, sinks with the sun
the last I had of you is gone

I sailed into a savage land
of coconuts, exotic fruit
people sleep all afternoon
I found a girl who looked like you
showed her how to play the part
I showed her how to break my heart
Track Name: Dallas
I was already in Dallas when you called
I was already in trouble with that same old story
I don’t know anyone like that
you gave your word and then you had to crawl back

You were not one of us at all
you had your nice car and you drove it daily
you turned the summer into fall
I always thought that you’d be front-page, maybe

I met your sister in the spring
she has your looks and now she moves the same way
we’re all so proud of what you’ve done
you cut us loose and told us try to have fun
try to have fun
Track Name: Pennyroyal
I took out west I, took out less
torn and toiled, a pennyroyal

I changed my name, I changed my face
moved to the outskirts of town
had dreams of gold, had a heart of gold
had a past of soil, the darkest soil
a pennyroyal

There was one thing that helped me combat my chagrin
a boy who ran when his ship came in
now he’s gone, I’ll sing that song
I’ll take it with me, to keep me happy

I come back Minneapolis-bound
I found my only friend in miles
I sewed up the holes in my pockets
for what it was worth
it wasn’t worth all the ruckus

Now I got the one thing i need to feel free
the one thing i need to feel free
humbled like a pennyroyal
Track Name: Broken Wheel
You and I have become silent
and the wheel of the sun
has broken itself upon the dawn

Tell them all you were lonely
tell them all all you went home
tell them all you got married
and I was there to wish you on

Seven days for your freedom
seven days for your health
seven days for our baby
he's young and cannot feed himself
Track Name: An Official Statement
Remember when there’d only been
heroin in the freezer?
we weren’t ever hungry then anyway

But it was such a large freezer
to be holding such small, potent cargo

Just like an official statement
of no more wine glasses brings

But this time the pickings are thin
and heroin is the only thing in this city
that turned out to be what it said it is
Track Name: Love Song To Wingo
It used to run so easily
before I had these two irons on my side
the sun it used to open up for me
and it comes and it comes and it comes

The back doors that you had within your reach
are used to keep the wind out
you said that I could never get your sympathy
and it comes and it comes and it comes
Track Name: Baby I'm Against It
And when I let you down, don’t be sad
And when word gets around, don’t be sad

When she comes back in May
blue and green and gold
I’ll see it for myself