by Pennyroyal

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    Ed./Dir. by Chris Korn w/ footage from Heather Kraft and Angie Oase.
    "Places" Photographs by Heather Kraft

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Co-singer/songwriters Angie Oase and Ethan Rutherford of Pennyroyal coincidentally brought in 5 songs about places/cities that impacted them. Rather than wait to release them on their sophomore album, Pennyroyal went into the studio and recorded with drummer Jake Mohan and bassist, William Hoben. What came about is round 2 of this extraordinary, sublime band- a wonderful mashup of 5 very different songs, but profoundly and distinctly Pennyroyal.


released May 1, 2012

Recorded & Mixed by Jeff Marcovis at Sound Gallery
Mastered by Rob Schlette at Anthem Mastering
Radio Edits Mastered by Greg Reierson at Rare Form

Graphic / Artwork by William Hoben
Photography by Heather Kraft



all rights reserved


Pennyroyal Minneapolis, Minnesota

"..A highly evolved, adaptive beast of music, Pennyroyal puts a glam spin on the rock ‘n’ blues sound other bands are circling in on today.. An almost terrifying genius powering lead singer Angie Oase’s at once ethereal and guttural vocals, leading the charge onto the gates of musical heaven." -LB ... more

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Track Name: Cleveland (Aeroplanes & Rockets)
in this age of aeroplanes
in this age of aeroplanes

you went and forgot where your feet touch the ground
you found a land of puppets
finally you're a prophet
your running from home is tiring
sick of hearing your guns firing
when will you stop your branding
when will you run out of places for landing

who says you're the best
america, you're only good, for rock and roll
now your kryptonite is fighting my soul

head on home before you lose it
hang up your guns
before they turn on you too

in this age of aeroplanes and rockets
in this age of aeroplanes and rockets
in this age
in this age
Track Name: Madison (Mad City)
i've got a heartache
from this cannon
can't seem to break or abandon
guess i'll have to pull from the root

well it's august i guess and there's a year
on my chest
there ain't much i remember except september
and those blues

i can't walk too high
in these u-tipped boots
or they won't slap in time
with my lowly blues
now ain't that something your mama
she told you

there ain't much more talking
a woman can do
no constant in the world
except for these city blues
madison, wisconson i ain't afraid to use
your full name

mad city, a bad city for a girl to break through
Track Name: New York (New York Kids)
all the new york kids have got me down
you're from new york, come on down
take this parka, take this warm hat put it on
take this parka, take this scarf now put it on

found a new london for our kids
told 'em that we wouldn't but we did
this hat's so stupid put it on
this town's so stupid put it on

when ya load the van up, count us in
headin' to the ocean, count us in
we got all your records, put 'em on
headin' to the coast now, put 'em on
Track Name: NOLA (Monday Tuesday)
it was a monday i was the king's ward
it was a good job but i was so bored
i had some money i bought a little boat
i bought a sexton and a weather coat
and it was alright

it was a tuesday when i said fuck it
i was a chambermaid now i'm a pirate
i hit the high seas like a bell
i see 'ol king's ward i'm off to give him hell
and it was alright

you bring it back now baby
Track Name: Minot (Whynot Minot)
dance like me
dance like a freak
dance like you might be free

work like me
roll bikes down streets
and laugh at what i think is funny

decide like me
to ride a dream and fuck it up a lot
like me

whynot come from minot
whynot come from minot
whynot minot
my knot of broken strings
my knot of lost endings
i untie myself of these things

page through life with me
leave it like history
make up new you's and me's

look at me
like the sun you see
whynot take a shot at me

whynot come from minot
my knot of broken strings
my knot of lost endings
i untie myself
i untie myself